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A concept game built on Data, Behaviour and Visualisation. The Digital Data Strategist Program is designed to meet an increasing demand for a new breed of employees; the ones that know how to combine companies’ own huge databases with the external data sources sprung out of the digital revolution – and make sense of it. By finding new ways to understand and use data, it is possible to develop brands, gain behavior insights and create digital and physical products, tools and services that the world has never seen. – It is not only analysts who will work with data. Looking ahead, examples of role that will change are those of marketers and business developers. Today it is possible to make data accessible to all. Therefore, we let the students learn to both understand as well as to visualize and create with data, said Sveinung Skaalnes, Head of the Digital Data Strategist program at Hyper Island. (quoted from

Team Members

Ellinore Funck

Markus Frick

Sebastian Arvidsson

Christina Holmstoel

Module Leader

Jesper Åström

Jesper Åström

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