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Equity crowdfunding service FundedByMe is a breathe of fresh air in a world of investment that is stifled by a privileged few of the Wall Street. Since being turned down by the establishment, it has been a constant endeavour of the founding partners of FundedByMe to enable the everyday people on the street to get a slice of the “start up” action, minus the usual complexities of becoming an investor. Their promise, aptly, states that they represent an opportunity for people like you and me to get our fair share of the “next big thing”. That thought has connected well with the people. In the last two years they have managed impressive success, celebrated in a much-deserved evening of “Beer Pong”, “Virtuous Vodka”, Avant Garde communication from “React!” and good old mingle.

The FundedByMe collaboration with Hyper Island was an attempt at unlocking the potential of existing data capture to enhance both the user experience as well as the revenue potential of the business. We had the opportunity to work with their live, multiple data points and analyse them to generate clear recommendations, implementation guidelines for both short and long term enhancements.

Team Members:


Andreas Justus Johansson: Digital Data Strategist, Hyper Island


Christina Holmstoel: Digital Data Strategist, Hyper Island

Module Leader:


Stefan Helgesson: Strategic Development Director at Masterstudies AS


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