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General Mills

General Mills Cereals

We were lucky to have had General Mills at Hyper Island. They flew all the way from Minneapolis, spent 3 days with us at Hyper Island Stockholm. We generated ideas the “Hyper Island” way. We felt fortunate to have discovered some of their new ideas and processes, they were happy to explore the Hyper Island Way. All in all, 3 awesome days of ideas, insights and storytelling.

We had 4 teams working on a variety of briefs. These were my team members:

Johan RenklintJohan Renklint, Digital Media, Hyper Island

Rasmus Weber PantRasmus Weber Pant, Digital Media, Hyper Island

Claudia KlugClaudia Klug, Global Consumer Insights Snr. Assoc – Digital Marketing, General Mills


Eric Dwinell


Eric Dwinell, Digital Innovation Manager, General Mills


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