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A/B Testing Saves Ideas


Digging through FundedByMe analytics data, we noticed that a certain page had almost no bounce rate. Yet it was not a page that was getting the glory it deserved. We worked a little on the user experience of the landing page and recommended a change… but not without testing first.

We prescribed A/B testing with the Google Analytics Content Experiment tool. FundedByMe used our recommendation as the “variation 1″ (orange line in the image above)… and was happy to report success!

That kind of made us wonder why more businesses don’t embrace risqué ideas and simply put them through A/B testing? Ideas, that might fly both online and offline if only they are allowed some exposure.

It’s simple, cost effective and way more reliable than traditional research.

Team Members:

andreasAndreas Justus Johansson: Digital Data Strategist, Hyper Island




Christina Holmstoel: Digital Data Strategist, Hyper Island

Module Leader:

stefan_helgessonStefan Helgesson: Strategic Development Director at Masterstudies AS




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