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Fashion That Saves Lives

Fake online shopping website challenges fashion lovers to help Bangladesh garment workers

The site, was conceived by Hyper Island in support of ActionAid’s relief work towards the April collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory building in Savar, Bangladesh, which killed over 1100 people. The site copies the look and feel of online shopping websites, looks like fashion store website, but the clothes and accessories are purely virtual and don’t actually exist, with the proceed payments instead going to ActionAid’s human rights programs around the world.

Of Bangladesh’s two million garment industry workers, 85% are women and girls. Most earn the legal minimum wage of just 0.15 US dollars per hour. Factory workers are routinely harassed and bullied in their workplaces and denied their legal rights such as overtime, paid leave, childcare, and safe working conditions.

Days after the launch it caught the attention of ActionAid Australia, who found long term value in leveraging the content for their efforts towards supporting women garment workers around the world;

“We’re hoping this website will help to spread the message that the opportunity to halt garment workers’ exploitation around the world doesn’t just lie with fashion stores. When ordinary customers ‘shop’ on the Rana Plaza site for a virtual dress, belt or shoes, they are actually helping factory workers who are fighting for their rights in countries like Bangladesh,” said Archie Law, ActionAid Australia’s Executive Director. “Fashion lovers can use the experience of online shopping to support garment workers to push for better and safer conditions in their own countries.”

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