• Strategic planning: business planning and strategy experience on a wide range of sectors and brands.
  • Content expertise: proven track record of having delivered both effective and award winning content.
  • Business development: proven track record of nurturing growth with existing business, generating and converting leads into new business.
  • Financial management: experience with quarterly forecasts, budgeting and staff cost management.
  • Leadership skills: proven track record of having led a 50-60 people office for more than 3 years.
  • Profitability under stress: proven track record of having delivered 20% operating profit with 50% staff cost ratio at the height of global financial crisis.
  • Talent management: proven track record of having retained key talents.
  • Augmented skill set: acquired from Digital Data Strategist Program, Hyper IslandStockholm (Aug 2012 – Aug 2013).

Digital storytelling, data visualization and info-graphics techniques and trends
Trends in real-time data, data sharing and the semantic web
“Big Data” industries and how they relate to areas such as entrepreneurship, sales, business development, communication, advertising and marketing
Tools and techniques for data mining, manipulation and reporting; Google Analytics Qualified Individual
Social, legal and ethical issues in collecting and using personal data
Models of business, organization and value change-revenue model and pricing
Sources, types, trends and issues in data
Data ownership and intellectual property issues
Range of web data tools and their uses with business data
Working with maps and spatial data
Testing, conversion and optimization
Group dynamics & self-leadership

 A proud moment: Cannes Grand Prix 2004